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Factors to consider when shopping for a home

by Rich Kushner 09/24/2023

Factors to consider when shopping for a home featured image

Once you’ve decided to purchase a home, what’s next? For many homebuyers, the market can be stressful as it moves quickly and there’s often many different housing options available. By narrowing down what you’re searching for in a home, you can smooth out some of the lumps often associated with choosing the right home. 


First consider the location of the home and if it corresponds with the needs of you and your household. If you have an in-person job, you may want to consider purchasing a property within close proximity to save gas. 

If you have school aged kids, perhaps you may want a home close to the school district of your choice. Also consider your normal commute and places you frequent, such as parks or grocery stores. Living close by to the places you go to often can ease some daily stressors. 


Next, consider the size of the property. Accounting for the members of your household plus storage needed can help you in choosing a home with the right amount of space for comfort.  

If you have pets, for example dogs or cats - you may want to consider purchasing a home with a sizable yard, so they can get plenty of outdoor playtime. 

Condition of the home 

What sort of condition would you prefer your home to have before moving in? Turn-key homes are completely functional and ready for move-in without having to worry about making updates or repairs.  

If you’re ok with purchasing an older home that may need a few light repairs, consider getting a thorough home inspection to make sure there aren't any major repairs needing to be made, such as a leaking roof or structural water damage.  

Working with a real estate agent, you can narrow down your homebuying need to find and purchase the property of your dreams.

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